Pork Box


Pork Box


Take advantage of whole sale pork prices with our complete pork package. A variety of cuts from our island raised pigs. We feed our pigs certified non-gmo grain and lots of left over organic vegetable scraps from our gardens. They spend the season running free in the woods and enjoying the beautiful views, and we are proud to offer this delicious meat to our local community members.

In your pork box you will receive:

  • 1 pork roast, 3 pound average.

  • 1 ham roast, 3 pound average.

  • 1 pound of bacon.

  • 4 packages of pork chops (8 chops total).

  • 5 pounds of sausage, your choice of variety.

Home delivery is available to North Haven residents, and Vinalhaven residents can pick up their pork package at the Fox Island Thoroughfare. Please provide your contact information in the “notes” section of your order so that we can arrange a time to deliver your pork.

Please note that we also have organ meats, leaf lard and fat back available. Please contact us for more details if you are interested in purchasing these items.

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