Visitors are welcome at the farm all four seasons! We are located on an island, so if you are coming from the mainland, please plan ahead. When you arrive, we encourage you to stop at our barn to orient yourself . See directions to the farm below, along with some logistical pointers to help facilitate easy travel.


Turner Farm is located at the end of Turner Farm Road off of South Shore Road on North Haven island, Maine.

Taking the Ferry 

For more information on ferry tickets and rates, car reservations, bringing a bike and more, please call the Ferry Office at 207-596-5400, or visit the Maine State Ferry Service website.

Arriving to North Haven by Plane or Private Boat

Pulling up to our beach by boat: We are located between the Cubbyhole and Armstrong's Cove on the North Haven side  of the Fox Islands Thorofare. If you wish to visit by boat, you may use our outhaul to access our beach. We do not have a dock or mooring for visitors coming by sea, but we do welcome visitors nonetheless.