Our pigs come to us in the spring as 8-week old piglets, very cute and small enough to hold in your arms. They leave in late fall as 250lb porkers that come back to us as incredible bacon, chops, sausage and roasts. In the time in between, the pigs live what appears to be a riotous life - they live mostly in the woods in very large fenced enclosures, which they gallop across at surprising speeds, aggressively root up, and seem to enjoy immensely. We use our pigs as our vanguard species- we move them through sections of woods and scrub that we plan to convert into pasture in the future. They are very effective land-clearers, and have helped us to open up quite a bit of the farmland we currently use. Our pigs come to us from Mandala Farm in Gouldsboro, ME. Our pigs are fed non-GMO grain from Green Mountain Feeds, as well as 'seconds' vegetables from our packing shed.