North Island Creamery was licensed in 2010. Our creamery team works hard to produce our luscious line of fresh cow cheeses, high quality small batch yogurt and raw milk. The farmstead creamery is located in our barn, which is also home to our milking parlor, where our herd of Jersey and Normande cows are milked daily. 

We believe that good milk starts with healthy, well-fed animals. Our cows are on fresh pasture daily, eating a variety of native grasses and enjoying the breezes of Penobscot Bay. We supplement their diets with hay and non-GMO grain. Quality of life and quality of feed lead to quality milk – our milk has a sweetness and a freshness that undoubtedly transfers to our cheeses and yogurts. Our fresh and aged cheeses are currently available seasonally, from May to December. 

*Please note that we will not have creamery products available in 2018 as we are taking a break from creamery production.