Goats and Cows

Our oberhasli goats are a unique breed originally from Switzerland, they are also known as Swiss Alpine. They are known for their hardiness and their good mothering skills, and also for producing large quantities of excellent milk. The goats are rotated on pasture to keep them and the land healthy, and we supplement with hay and organic grain, and also several minerals and nutrients.


The Oberhaslis are curious and have a friendly nature, they are very interactive with children & adults with their beautiful, communicative eyes.  And of course, we love how their milk turns into some of the best chèvre we've ever tasted!


In 2012 three Jersey heifers joined the ranks.  Olive, Betsy, and Mabel were born at White Orchard Farm in Frankfort.  They have been bred in 2013 and will calve in the early spring of 2014.