January | February 2012

Thanks to the incredibly warm winter we are having, the TF crew has cleared and stumped several acres of forest, opened up much of the wooded pastures, and split 20 or so cords of wood.  We are feeling strong and staying warm.  We are also looking forward to new vegetable fields, new pastures for dairy animals, beef, and poultry, and better access to some of the unexplored corners of the farm.  Frank and Jonathan, who lead our woods work, have been sharing their immense machinery knowledge as well as their immense shop space, to all our benefit.

The two hoop houses that were planted in late August and September have been producing beautifully so far this winter.  We stuck to a basic trio - spinach, kale, and carrots - and we have harvested several hundred pounds combined of vegetables already.  More to come!  Hard to believe in less than 8 weeks we will begin planting seeds again, for the coming season's crops.  The dairy goats are taking it easy now that milking is finished, bedded down in their hoop house.  The 8 does will kid in a few months, bringing a new set of baby goats to the farm and starting milk production for the 2012 season.  The goats share the farm for the winter with two groups of laying hens, one group that is laying currently and a younger set of pullets that will begin laying in march. 

(Words: Brenna Chase)