An Interview with our Cheesemaker

Our Cheesemaker, Stephanie Moore, attended two back-to-back courses in Vermont during the month of November to hone her skills in the creamery. When she returned, I wanted to know all about her experience, and lucky for us, she was happy to oblige. Read on to learn about the classes she took, the people she met, and what she’s excited to implement here on the farm!

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Dairy Calves Arrive!

We are excited to add three Jersey calves to our small dairy herd and look forward to having raw  cow's milk and cheeses in future.  Olive, Betsy, and Mable will be grazing in the newly seeded pastures behind the barn and will be bred next spring and calf in 2014.  They come from White Orchard Farm in Frankfort.   White Orchard produces high quality Certified Organic Milk from their grass-fed Jersey herd.  Not only will the calves be adjusting to rhythms of the farm they will be adding much needed manure to our pastures.  Please come visit them and let us know what products you would be interested in as we experiment with cow's milk and look to expand into making yogurt, butter, soft and hard cheeses.

(Words and Images: James Blair)

March 2012

March has arrived with eerily hot days and snowstorms.  Molly, Linda and I have started seeding the earliest crops in the greenhouse: 2,600 onion plants, 1,700 shallots, 900 leeks and 200 artichoke plants.  There is also broccoli, cauliflower, bok choi, kohlrabi, fennel, beets, parsley, cilantro, and dill that will all be transplanted out into our unheated hoop houses in April, and more trays seeded every week.  We are trialing some new micro-green varieties early this spring as well. 

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